Monday, May 30, 2016

Meet our Design Team!
This week I'll be introducing our wonderful Design team to you so you can get to know them better.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful team working with me at Firefly Crafts! 
So first up is our Design Team Leader, Jammie Clark!
Jammie lives in Idaho with her hubby and son. They have two yorkie puppys that they all adore.  Her cousin got her into crafting about 10 years ago and her love of crafting began.  She loves anything that's nerdy or hippy, cupcakes are yummy to her and she loves to work with coffee and wine objects.  Magic, unicorns and mermaids are some of her favorite objects as well.  When she's not crafting she loves to read, cook and bake.  She loves to watch Big Bang Theory.
She is very talented in her coloring and crafting techniques.  She will inspire you and lift you up if you have low mojo.  Which we all get, huh?  Here are a few of her samples.
Aren't these adorable?  You can see more of Jammie's work at her blog which is over there and join her circle!
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Jammie.  Tomorrow we will get to know Lena Nunn!  Until then, I hope you all are enjoining the Forest!




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  1. Oh mu gosh! how sweet!!! Thank you for your kind words!


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