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 Kristen Bacon 

Hello Fireflies; I’m Kristen =)
I’m married to a wonderful man and we have an amazing son and four angels watching over us.  My love for crafting started the first time my mom put a crayon in my hand.  My first job was Michael’s Arts and Crafts while I was in high school; I used to make all sorts of jewelry and filled coloring books with my creations.  Then life happened and somewhere along the way I lost the time to craft and forgot how much I loved it.  Flash forward twenty years later and I was a busy wife and mom with a career in banking.  It was about as far away from crafting as I could have gotten.  

Then I was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in permanent spinal damage and the need for spinal fusion.  While recovering from surgery, I needed to find something to occupy my hands and fill my time that didn’t involve turning my head, lifting over 2 pounds, or breaking a dozen other physical restrictions.  I started with a coloring book and a few Copic markers and quickly moved on to an electronic Vagabond 2 die cutting machine. 
I was recently given the amazing opportunity to be part of the design team for Firefly Crafts.  My first purchase from Firefly Crafts included a free stamp- a younger girl holding a jar of fireflies.  I should have known that this was a match made in Heaven as that girl has a strong resemblance to me twenty years ago.  I learn with each new project that I do and am continually growing my skills.  I look forward to sharing my creations with you and seeing all of your designs as well!


Anita Kelly

Hi All! My name is Anita Kelly but everyone calls me Kell. I'm a stay at home mom for four years now and I have 3 amazing boys! I found myself in the Craft world when I no longer had to check into a 9-5 and I wanted to feel that feeling of accomplishment again... I always appreciated the arts and creative people, so I wanted to try everything! From crochet to sewing to making tshirts to creating books to cards.. And I have to say, I'm still not settled into one specific craft! But I can say, my style seems to always be cutsie grunge... But, I am hoping to expand my esthetic by constantly creating and being inspired by all the amazing crafters out there that take the time to share their beautiful creations with everyone! And I also would love to share my creations with all of the Craft world!


Ginger Pelfrey


Hi there! I am a resident of Winchester, VA. I was raised in the beautiful state of West Virginia and lived there until about 26 years ago when I moved to Virginia. I am a country girl through and through. My passionate hobbies are Scrapbooking, making cards, mini albums (ok anything paper crafting hehe), hiking, camping, fishing, cooking and gardening. I have one son, 25 years old, and my boyfriend and I are raising his 13 year old son. I work full time for a dairy company. I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator in 2013 to help feed my paper crafting addiction and have loved every minute of it so far!


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