Thursday, May 12, 2016

~Welcome to the Forest~

Little Fireflies are adorable creatures that move lightning fast throughout the night's sky, meeting new little fireflies and making new little friends.  They're quick, sharp, smart and act fast!  So, now that you are in their store, watch for fast sales, smart prices, quick shipping and new friends everywhere you turn!  

Fireflies are unique little beauties and because of this, they like unique and special things to make them happy.  So, here in their store you will find yourself surrounded by items you won't usually see elsewhere.  Fireflies like to help their friends out, so we are helping some artists get set on their way by having them join us in the forest with their beautiful and unique products.

The forest is always changing and the meadow is wide open, so there is room to grow.  Sometimes you have to sit and watch patiently, waiting for that little fly to light up the sky, well just give us a little light and we will ignite the meadow with light from every angle you can see.

Little Fireflies like to talk with their friends, so please leave us your comments and suggestions.  We will pass them on in a "twinkling"!




  1. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing all you have.

  2. Your "HERE" does not work to go to facebook page.


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